Why Us?

With more than 50 years experience in the high performance motorcycle and automotive clutch industry, ENERGY ONE is the optimum choice for replacement clutch plates and components for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. All ENERGY ONE clutch plates and components are 100% manufactured in the USA by skilled American craftsmen using only the latest tools and CNC equipment.

All Big-Twin kits containing both steel and friction plates have pre-set clutch pack height (stock spec) for quick, convenient installation, and the ultimate in reliability under all street or race track conditions. Big ponies need ENERGY ONE Clutches to get the power to the transmission.

All clutch plates are made of either 6061 T6 or high tempered steel with Energy One's own race proven friction material. Each plate design was tested so maximum performance is achieved. Different groove patterns were designed for maximum oil circulation and heat dissipation. The steady flow of lubricant will cool and determine the longevity of your clutch. All Big Twin kits are packaged with frictions and steels, and a pre-measured stack height for easy installation.

These performance clutch plates have been race proven, tested and used by companies such as Belt Drives Ltd., Bandit Machine, Evolution Industries, Baker Drivetrain and Rivera Primo.

We private labeled to Tucker Powersports for their Twin Power product line and Milwaukee Twin for J&P Cycles.

We use a continuous ring of friction material for
MAXIMUM surface area. The more surface area,
the easier your clutch
works, and the more
longevity in your clutch.